A Christian Personal Finance Company

You’re in control of your financial future.

It’s time to take action.

W. Neil Gallagher PhD and the Gallagher Financial Group: Better than your banker, and the solution to your stockbroker.
  • We set up retirement plans that can provide significant additional wealth for our clients at retirement.
  • We maximize our clients’ wealth and minimize their taxes.
  • We protect our clients’ life savings from the devastating costs of long-term healthcare needs while preserving their dignity, independence, wealth, and income.
  • We set up estate protection plans, which allow our clients (upon death or disability) to to distribute their assets when they want, to whom they want, in the amount they want, for the purposes they want, saving every tax-dollar possible.
  • We protect our clients’ lifetime income…income which they know they can never outlive.
  • We facilitate budget counseling and financial communications with family and colleagues.
  • We educate our clients, through our radio show and weekly classes, about the economy, interest rates, and the financial markets.Information is power and we provide that information, so that clients have the power to control their own financial future.

“Your ‘Retire Safe, Early and Happy’ message has meaning for a wide range of people. It is well prepared, well researched, well presented and well received.” – Zig Ziglar


WHY do clients of:
  • Genworth
  • Edward Jones
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Wells Fargo
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Ameriprise
  • And others
continue to bring their portfolios to Gallagher Financial Group, Inc? Maybe, it’s because…
  1. In the last market down turn (2008) when millions of investors lost 40% or more, GFG clients lost nothing. Safety, in all market conditions, is paramount. And profits are protected.
  2. GFG, Inc. is not an employee of a big New York or St. Louis brokerage company.
  3. GFG, Inc. provides guarantees for lifetime growth and lifetime income.
  4. GFG, Inc. does not “manage money” (things are “managed,” people are loved). GFG, Inc. trains clients to make decisions and enjoy actions which are in their own best interest.
  5. GFG, Inc. has the most comprehensive financial and estate team: CPAs, CFPs, CRFAs, PhDs, and Estate Planning Attorneys.
  6. GFG, Inc. works not to make the company rich, but to the client rich.
GFG, Inc. holds to its mission statement of 30 years: “Our mission is to be a vehicle of God’s peace and comfort to as many people as possible. Helping first with their financial peace of mind, and also with their spiritual, emotional, and family well being.”